Connect All IP-based Smart Objects!

CALIPSO builds Internet Protocol (IP) connected smart object networks, but with novel methods to attain very low power consumption, thereby providing both interoperability and long lifetimes. CALIPSO leans on the significant body of work on sensor networks to integrate radio duty cycling and data-centric mechanisms into the IPv6 stack, something that existing work has not previously done. CALIPSO works at three layers: the network, the routing, and the application layer. We also revisit architectural decisions on naming, identification, and the use of middle-boxes.

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Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School 2014

The aim of the Ph.D. School is to address researchers to the forefront of research activity on Internet of Things & Smart Cities, by presenting state-of-the-art research together with the current and future challenges in building Smart Cities in an efficient and sustainable way, in order to provide a thorough overview of the main topics about IoT and Smart Cities and their envisioned integration. International speakers from academia and industry will give lectures tailoring their research field for an interdisciplinary audience. This year’s edition will focus on three keywords each tailoring a dedicated day in the technical program of the school. 

CONNECT > Connecting smart objects“: provide an extensive overview of low-power communication technologies, with performance comparison which can be used to make choices for different application scenarios. 
COLLECT > Creating and transmitting data“: analyze different communication paradigms (REST, Publish/Subscribe, etc…) application-layer protocols targeting IoT, such as CoAP, MQTT, and other options. 
CONSUME > Understanding and working with data“: provide theoretical and practical concepts for storing, fetching, and analyzing data collected by IoT applications, with focus on Big Data analysis and Cloud for IoT. 

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