CALIPSO Factsheet (pdf)

WP3: Integrated architecture: use cases, requirements, and specifications
D3.1 Initial architecture: use cases and requirements, restricted
D3.2 Integrated architecture with proposed mechanisms, restricted
D3.3-Final Architecture (pdf)

WP4: Bringing IP-connectivity into Smart Objects
D4.1-Protocols for Low Power MAC–IP (pdf)
D4.2-Enhancements to ROLL Routing and RPL (pdf)
D4.3 Protocols for data aggregation and data centric communications (pdf)

WP5: Enhanced transport and service layers
D5.51 Transport Adaptation and Data-centric Support (pdf)
D5.52 Secure and Large-scale Service Discovery (pdf)
D5.53 Mobility and Security Support (pdf)

WP6: Experimental validation with target applicationss
D6.1 Integration and validation report for the CALIPSO protocol stack, restricted
D6.2 Trial & Demonstration specifications, restricted
D6.3 Prototypes for the Smart Toys and Smart Parking applications, restricted
D6.4 Evaluation & Demonstration report for Smart Toys and Smart Parkings (pdf)

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